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For over five decades, Bob Dylan has remained one of the most important figures in American music. His vast body of work contains timeless poetry that has inspired virtually every notable musician in the last fifty years.  And he shows no signs of slowing.

The Jack of Hearts band authentically performs the best of Dylan live -- from the early 60's Greenwich Village era, the radical electric conversion, Blonde on Blonde, to the late 60's Basement Tapes, all the way through the 70's to Blood on the Tracks, Desire and beyond.

Jack of Hearts' front man Jamie Daniels performs as Dylan with stunning accuracy, and the ability to faithfully recite even the most obscure songs in Dylan's catalog, along with the more popular tunes that have moved so many over time. A group of seasoned musicians round out the Jack of Hearts, regularly doubling as a tribute to Dylan's legendary collaborators -- The Band!  Sporting an extensive and ever-growing song list, this is an act that is not to be missed!

Whether you’re looking for acoustic, electric, folk, rock, and/or the blues, look no further than the Jack of Hearts band…the premiere Bob Dylan tribute!


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