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For over five decades, Bob Dylan has remained one of the most important figures in American music. Now a Nobel Laureate, his body of work contains timeless poetry that has inspired virtually every notable musician in modern times.

 The Jack of Hearts seek to authentically replicate the sound of Dylan-- from the early 60's folk scene to the radical electric conversion culminating in Blonde on Blonde, the Woodstock retreat, and through the 70's to masterpieces such as Blood on the Tracks, the Rolling Thunder Revue and beyond. Dylan's frequent collaboration with The Band, who famously backed him on his '66 and '74 tour, as well as the famed Basement Tapes album, has led the The Jack of Hearts to include a musical tribute to the legendary Americana group.

With a nearly endless amount of musical material, The Jack of Hearts have performed across the southwest, bringing to audiences a live experience showcasing the very best of American folk rock.
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Thursday March 22, 2018


Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach, CA


Sunday April 29, 2018


Dark-Thirty Productions, Lakeside, CA


Sunday, May 6, 2018


28th Annual Dylanfest, Torrance, CA


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